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Yamaha Bassoon - Same as YFG-812; except compact body style.

$USD 26204
Custom Yamaha bassoons feature a full rich sound that allow for the most subtle tone shadings. Many options are available....
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Yamaha YRA-803 Ebony Alto Recorder

$USD 787
Recorders are finely handcrafted of seasoned woods that produce a warm, rich tone. Alto, ebony....
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Buffet Crampon BC3613G20 Professional Oboe

$USD 8663
Professional oboe players will never worry about cracks again. A revolution in the history of woodwind instruments, the Buffet BC3613G, BC3643G oboe (The "...
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Ferree's Flute Head Mandrel

$USD 48
Designed to fit taper of flute heads. Useful in removing dents and rounding out egg-shaped head-joints....
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Ferree's Spring Punches

$USD 10
Set of 2 spring punches used to drive out broken needle springs, which you are unable to remove with spring removing plier....
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La Voz Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Saver

$USD 3
Designed to help in the cleaning of tenor saxophone mouthpieces, this mouthpiece saver removes moisture from the chamber and prevents mineral buildup....
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Guardian CW-041-CL - Thermoplastic ABS Case for Clarinet

$USD 48
Our wind instrument cases offer fantastic protection for a variety of band instruments. These cases are made with our exclusive thermoplastic casing that can wi...
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Yamaha YFL422, Intermediate Flute, Sterling Silver Body with Off-set G and C-Footjoint

$USD 1937
This Yamaha intermediate closed-hole flute features French pointed key arms and a headjoint, body and footjoint made from beautiful sounding sterling silver....