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Uniden UNID-153 Coaxial Cable

$USD 60
"Uniden U200 Coaxial Cable Brand New, The Uniden UNI-153 is a 30 ft low loss coaxial cable. This cable is perfect for connecting your repeater to your internal or external antenna. It is a very...
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Wilson Electronics 952430 30 feet Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable

$USD 53
"Wilson 952430 Brand New, The Wilson 952430 is a ultra low loss coax cable which allows for connections between the amplifier to both inside or outside antennas, taps or splitters. It is 30 ft ...
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Panasonic UE-608050 Install Free Kit

$USD 312
"Panasonic UE-608050 Brand New, The Panasonic UE-608050 kit allows external users to use the panasonic whiteboards without requiring to pre-install software. On a whiteboard where the kit is in...
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Panasonic UE-608031 Whiteboard floor stand

$USD 755
"Panasonic UE-608031 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Panasonic UE-608031 is a whiteboard table stand. It conveniently keeps whiteboard supported and upright on a table. UE-608031 Feat...
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Wilson Electronics 952310 10 feet Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable

$USD 39
"Wilson 952310 Brand New, The Wilson 952310 is a 10 ft WILSON400 ultra low-loss coax cable with N-Male connectors on both ends. This high quality LMR400 equivalent cable allows connections betw...
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Wilson Electronics 901138 DataPro Mounting Plate

$USD 26
"Wilson 901138 Brand New, The Wilson 901138 is a DataPro mounting plate. This is used for mounting the Wilson 811225 dataPro amplifier. 901138 Features: Product # 901138, DataPro&trade Mounting...
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Bellman BEL132 Pager Charger

$USD 76
"Bellman BEL132, The Bellman Visit Pager Charger (#BEL132) is Swedish made charger used to recharge the Bellman visit vibNULL pager receiver when powered by a rechargeable battery. It can recha...
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Uniden UNID-394 Power Adapter

$USD 40
"Uniden Power Adapter - AC/DC Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Uniden UNI-394 is a 110V 12V AC/DC power adapter. UNI-394 Features: Product # UNI-394, Power Adapter, AC/DC, Voltage: 110...
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Wilson Electronics 859926 10 dB Attenuator

$USD 46
"Wilson 859926 Brand New, The Wilson 859926 is a 10 dB attenuator that comes with N-Female connectors for situations where the amplifier is too strong for the area that it is covering. 859926 F...
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Wilson Electronics 971131 SMA Male to RG58 Crimp Connector

$USD 28
"Wilson 971131 Brand New, The Wilson 971131 Crimp Connector is designed for making RG58 cable with SMA Male connector. It attenuates signal by 0.1 dB. 971131 Features: Product # 971131, SMA Mal...
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Wilson Electronics 901104 3 Way Mount

$USD 24
"Wilson 901104 Brand New, The Wilson 901104 3-Way 5 Millimeter Mount allows for mounting a Wilson Cellular Trucker Antenna on a roof edge or mirror bracket. This allows antenna to be connected ...
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Wilson Electronics 901120 Gooseneck Mount

$USD 34
"Wilson 901120 Brand New, The Wilson 901120 is a gooseneck suction cup mount for mounting sleek or mobile-pro amplifiers or cradle plus antenna on vehicle windshield. This mount features a bend...
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"Wilson Electronics 901116 12"" Threaded Rod Mount "

$USD 43
"Wilson 901116 Brand New, The Wilson 901116 is a 12-inch threaded replacement rod for the roof-mount trucker antenna 301119. This threaded rod is perfect replacement for the original 7-inch rod...