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Digi DC-SP-01-S Connect SP Device Server - 1 x Network (RJ-45) - 1 x Serial Port - Fast Ethernet - Desktop

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I will recommend to order Digi DC-SP-01-S Connect SP Device Server - 1 x Network (RJ-45) - 1 x Serial Port - Fast Ethernet - Desktop on web store.
Digi DC-SP-01-S Connect SP Device Server - 1 x Network (RJ-45) - 1 x Serial Port - Fast Ethernet - Desktop - Manufacturer: Digi - Mfg Part Number: DC-SP-01-S - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Digi DC-SP-01-S,0663072929473,Digi DC-SP-01-S Connect SP Device Server - 1 x Network (RJ-45) - 1 x Serial Port - Fast Ethernet - Desktop"

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