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Fellowes 4814401 23.6"" PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filter Black

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been some element of scouting in my life. When I was young it was when my dadFellowes 4814401 23.6"" PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filter Blackand my brothers were off out on camping trips leaving mum and me to have somequality time together or when I myself decided to give girls guides a bash.

What started out as working with the beavers once a

week, colouring some pictures and doing some arts and crafts soon developed into
something more, programme planning, camping and outdoor activities. Not quiet sure what I was getting

myself into I began my training, slowly but surely learning bits and pieces
about scouting. I went into my stage six programme
reserved, quiet, scared, and anxious and it took two missed stage six


programmes before I actually made it in the car to get there, it really was a

  • case of third time lucky! We left on Friday afternoon and made it to WaterfordFellowes 4814401 23.6"" PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filter Blackby Friday evening to kick off the Yogi bear weekend with getting to know our
  • patrols and going on a hike to find another patrol member.
  • I hate groups so IFellowes 4814401 23.6"" PrivaScreen Blackout Privacy Filter Blackdefiantly felt like I had been thrown in the deep end but I survived my Friday
  • and even found myself gelling with my patrol. My Saturday didn't get off to a
  • great start, there were tears, anxiety and the need for emergency meds butafter my little wobble I survived yet again and by lunch time I was settled,having fun and finding myself having a role in my patrol…. caring for our teddy
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