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the battle for Mosul. Here are a few of his thoughts on how the campaign hasFiskars 91246935j Pro Pruner Blackprogressed and what it has meant for the city and people. Mosul has been

shelled and hit by air strikes plus all the street fighting for months now. What does the city itself look like? Unlike some previous battles against IS, such as in Ramadi,Fiskars 91246935j Pro Pruner BlackFrance-Presse. In the last few months he has been working in Ninewa covering 

buildings and infrastructure is still standing in Mosul, especially residents' houses,
as there are hundreds of thousands are still living in them. However, some
buildings, infrastructure and houses were damaged or destroyed during, or before,

the fight. There is a huge
movement of people within and to and from the city itself. What is life like

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