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Kleer-Fax, Inc. Index Dividers,"Exhibit E",Side Tabs,1/10 Cut,25/PK,White

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Kleer-Fax, Inc. Index Dividers,"Exhibit E",Side Tabs,1/10 Cut,25/PK,WhiteIndex dividers feature laminated bottom tabs on the front and back. Preprinted, 1/10 cut tabs are laminated for extra-long life. Letter-size index dividers come unpunched for use in a variety of binding systems. Title is printed in Helvetic...
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  • Kleer-Fax, Inc. Index Dividers,"Exhibit E",Side Tabs,1/10 Cut,25/PK,White
  • Kleer-Fax, Inc. Index Dividers,"Exhibit E",Side Tabs,1/10 Cut,25/PK,White



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