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Sexy Halloween Womens Medium

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Ngingakalwaz' uthando lomunt' emhlabeni,

Ngingakaze ngithande munt' ezweni,

Bengihlala nogogo emakhaya,

Impilo biyinhle ekuphileni ngalezonsuk'

Kepha namhlanj' izinto zijikile impil' ingishintshele,

Ngithath' uthando ngalufak' enhlizwiyweni,

Ngabek' ithemba lami kumuntu ngasondeza othi uyangithanda eduze kwami,

Ngamnikeza lonk' uthando ebenginalo empilweni,

Wangithembis wath akasoze wangishiya,

Wathe empilweni yakh' akekho omunye yim ithemba lakhe,

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Bekufana nje nokuth' bebezishaya ngendlebe etsheni,
Ngibashay indiva ngazi kahle ukuthi ngilind' ithemba lami,


Sexy Halloween Womens Medium Description

Bengaz' kahl' ukuthi liyez' ilanga lami,

Lapho nami ngizojabula ngibe nothandiweyo wami,Sexy Halloween Womens MediumBese kukade ngamngimlindile, Sexy Halloween Womens MediumUfikile ngimbonile kodw' usehambile,Sexy Halloween Womens MediumBese ngizitshelil ukuth sengimtholile,find out where to get the best deal on Sexy Halloween Womens MediumBese ngimkhethile sengith sengimzuzile kant' oyishayile akakayosi, noseyosile akakayidl' noseyidlil usedl' icala,

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Sengiphenduk' inhlekis' ebantwin,
Sengifana nohlany emphakathini,
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Bayang'buz uphi lo obus'chomela ngay' izolo ephathini,
Izimpendolo zidl' ogageni,
Ekhanda lami kusadum' upotiyan'
Angimaz ushonephi,
Kodwa ngimbonil' ufikil' udlulile,

Yen' ufikile ngimbambile ngimthandile,

Naye ungitshelil ukuth ungthandile,

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Vele abafeth' babeshilo bathi lo umlilo wamaphepha,

Bheka manje sengisele ngedw' estikini,

Kushuth ubeman' engimbambabula nje ngemfe ephindiwe,

Ushaye waphindelel enxebeni,


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